Mandemar Homestead is a 100 acre property in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales that produces premium grass fed beef cattle for restaurants and premium quality butchers, and beef producers.   



Black Angus and Hereford cattle are bred and crossed to produce quality beef cattle.  The cattle are raised on the lush green pastures of the Southern Highlands property before being sold to local buyers.



After successful crops over the past 4 years, we are again growing our Mandemar Garlic in 2019.  Over 40,000 garlic has been planted in the fertile loamy soils of the property.  Varieties grown include Italian Red, Italian White, Monaro Purple and Wild Garlic.  Our garlic was planted in April 2017 in accordance with the moons and is harvested in November 2017 and will be available for sale after drying from December 2017.  We can't wait to share our Mandemar Garlic with you.   


Our garlic is hand planted, handpicked, hand weeded and hand packed the olde school way with no chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, negative energy or other bad stuff.  The garlic will be sold to local restaurants and through local markets, providores and online through our website.

Our decision to grow garlic was made as a result of the shortage of fresh Australian garlic on restaurant menus and in the supermarkets. We wanted our customers to be able to avoid expensive, chemical loaded and bleached imported products prevalent in our supermarkets today.

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